Intelligent Exercise

Intelligent Exercise man push up

The amazing thing about Pilates is it is a method which can be incorporated into your daily life – how you stand and walk, how you sit at the computer or drive a car, as well as more physical activities such as football, skiing, tennis, running, cycling, hiking, dancing or swimming

Pilates is for anyone interested in improving the way they look, feel and move. There is no age limit and clients can vary from those whose work demands too much sitting to those who sit too little. Clients range from athletes, busy mums, stressed out executives with bad backs to people with acute injuries and chronic pain and expectant mothers. Pilates brings benefits to those who have never exercised before as well as to those who always have and always will.

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Is it a Fad?


There are many different methods of Pilates each of which has evolved from the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, a German born medical professional who developed his own exercise method to treat wounded soldiers during the First World War.

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The STOTT PILATES contemporary, anatomically-based approach to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates makes it one of the safest exercise methods available and it is used by rehab, pre/post-natal clients, athletes, celebrities and everyone in between. Originating in Canada over 25 years ago, STOTT PILATES has earned an international reputation as the world’s most respected Pilates brand and STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are some of the most sought after Pilates teachers in the world