Post Natal Pilates

Pelvic Floor, C-Section Recovery, Diastasis Healing, Metabolic Training, Nutrition, Restorative Activity and a total dedication to ’CORE CONSCIOUSNESS’.

A lot of women believe that they should get back into serious exercise as soon as possible, not realising that they need to ‘retrain’ their body after the exertion of childbirth. Your posture is likely to have changed over the 9 months with some muscles lengthened and some tightened. If you go straight into bootcamp type exercises immediately you may well injure yourself as your body is not ready.

This course can help you be aware of the changes in your body, help you recover safely and effectively so that you CAN ultimately return to the exercise you want!

If you would like to book a one to one training session or attend a small class with me please click on the attached document for my Pregnancy Pre-Exercise Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire – Pregnancy Screening Form.  Once you have completed this, please email this to me at, many thanks.

If you would like more information or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact me – Michele Houston on 07813 559 604